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Artemide Skydro - Shiny Wall Or Ceiling Lighting

Fashionable lighting is necessary in the home since it creates a welcoming style. It also makes your home quite comfortable as well as pleasant. If you want to give your house an artistic appeal, Armetide’s Skydro is the product for it. It is a very unique design. It gives a special but interesting look to the roof.

Design Specifications Of The Product

Ross Lovegrove is the designer of this artistic light. It is a type of ceiling mounted or wall mounted light. The design is exclusive. It has an oval shape. It looks like a small pebble. The design allows you to arrange it according to your liking. Different arrangements give a different look. It adds to the artistic appeal of the interior. It gives out a dimmer light. If you are using it as the only source of illumination of reading purpose, it is not a good idea. It works well at places where dimmer light is required. It gives the area a soft feel.

Dimensional Specifications Of The Skydro

Artemide Skydro is available in two widths. These are 1435mm and 6432mm. Depth of the Skydro can be either 1370mm or 2516mm. Its height is 127mm. It has a glossy finish. For the purpose of illumination, it uses a halogen lamp. It requires housing of the type R7s. Halogen lights are highly energy efficient. Using this lamp can be very fruitful in the long run. The surface is very radiant. Light comes outer softer from it. The light makes the ceiling look stunning. It makes the wall or ceiling look magnificent even when off.

Safety features Of The Light

It comes with. IP40 type of protection against solids greater than 1 mm. Class 1 is the safety class of protective earthing feature that the product complies with. The most preventable class from fire in these EOS systems is F Class.

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