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Artemide Shogun Table Lamp

Having an artificial source of light in your interior is always necessary of course. It has become such an essential part of our lives that imaging life without it is not easy. The major purpose of these lights is providing illumination. However, there are some lights that can give a completely different look to the area. These lights have some or the other special feature that makes them stand out. Artemide Shogun is an example of this.

Design Specifications Of The Light

Mario Botta is the designer of this light. Shogun is a table lamp. The design is spectacular. The diffuser of the lamp has provision for adjustment. The diffuser allows formation of fantastic patterns on the surrounding wall or any other objects. The pattern depends on the position of the diffuser. This makes it stand out amongst other table lamps. This gives a good shadow and light effect to the area. Good attention to detailing is there in the product.

Other Specific Information About Artemide Shogun

The diffuser of the Shogun is made of metal. The metal has perforations. As a result, light passes through it and scatters amazingly. The base is in black and white color. The pattern on the base is also neat and fair. The stem is also of metal. The width of the lamp is 320 mm. its height is 595 mm. it uses to types of sources for illumination. These are high voltage halogen lamp and standard light bulb. It consumes a power of 150 W with both the light sources.

Safety And Maintenance features Of The Light

It comes with. IP40 type of protection against solids greater than 1 mm. Class II is the safety class of protective isolation. It has an F for fire prevention class. As the diffuser allows the formation of patterns, don’t let dust accumulate in te perforations. Keep the perforations clean with the help of a duster. This will help in keeping the effect of the light alive.

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