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The wall mounting elegance - Artemide Sagitta

The world of lighting and illumination is experiencing a revolution in the present times and a lot of lights of various kinds are present in the market today for the consumers. This is what is making a difference to the homes and facilities of people in the present times . If your facility or home is designed to perfection and you are just missing a light or a wall lamp of some kind to make it look beautiful and elegant, then Artemide Sagitta is the answer to all your question.

Construction details - Artemide Sagitta

The bulb or the main power source of the Artemide Sagitta is elegant and stands at a height of 10cm from it’s base to it’s bulge. It is also designed to be of the perfect width, spreading across 8cm horizontally. The groove in which it fits is not of much height and it is almost at the same height as the base in which it fits. The outer contraption of the Artemide Sagitta is designed to be of a 31cm width , which is perfectly the right size for any of the wall mounting lamps of the type.

Technical specs for Sagitta

The Artemide Sagitta runs at a 230V source and comes along with a warranty of 2 years straight. A 40W bulb rated with a E14 energy efficiency is what forms the light source.

Outer design specifics

An opal glass construction is used in the Artemide Sagitta to make it look royal and in class. Apart from this, there is a dimmable feature in the lamp as well which lets you go on and dim the illumination level of the light source. This is what is the source of the varying lighting effects which the Artemide Sagitta provides to your rooms and walls. The lamp has been designed for indoor usage to a large extent.

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