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Artemide Nur

Artemide Nur is a design by Ernesto Gismondi for Artemide. Nur is available in several finishes, as a suspension and as a ceiling lamp, providing direct light, adding a special halo of indirect light on the ceiling for a decorative finishing touch.

Artemide Nur uses the innovative and patented Metamorfosi technology, for a unique play of light in a stylish design. Artemide Nur combines two systems of light diffusion: nine halogen lamps create the direct light, with dichroic filters in red, blue and green. The indirect light is created by a white halogen lamp, situated in the upper part of Artemide Nur.

Artemide Nur is delivered with a control unit and a remote control to control the two systems separately, to regulate the on/off-system and to play with the intensity of the light and the endless variation of colour scenarios thanks to the original colour filters. This turns Artemide Nur into a strong presence in a room, an innovative lighting in a stylish design.

Artemide Nur is available as a ceiling lamp or suspension. A fixture with glossy finish was added to the Artemide Nur collection. Artemide Nur offers the choice of several light sources. Click on the pictures below for detailed information about Artemide Nur to your preference.

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