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Artemide Noto

Adopting the several movements as well as styles in the interior designing, fashion of lighting also highly reflects the personality of people living there. The ergonomics as well as style are the major factors that are affecting the choices of peoples in designer lights. The Artemide Noto pendant lamp is marvelously beautiful. It breaks the monotony of the space. It stands out completely in an area. The form of this pleasant fixture is similar to the dragon.

Design Specifications Of The Product

Michele de Lucchi is the designer of this masterpiece. This is a unique, innovative and splendid design. It gives your ceiling a show stopping and striking look. The husky white color of the glass goes well with any interior. The color of the suspension also enhances the appeal of the product. This is why the design is the holder of “Red Dot Best of the Best Awards 2009”.

Other Essential Information About The Noto

This product uses halogen lamp for illumination purpose. Halogen lamps consume very les power. Thus, this product is an economical choice. It uses G5 housing. Noto is 1730 mm wide and 860 mm high. The overall width of the luminary head is 1730 mm. the depth of the luminary head may range from 320 to 385 mm. the diffuser is in glass. The design uses a combination of six diffusers. All these diffusers are different in size. These are cylindrical in shape. These cylinders of different sizes get together with each other forming a beautiful pattern. The suspension cable is metallic. Therefore, the suspension is rigid and strong. It has room for adjustment. It enhances the look of the white diffuser.

Protection Features Of Noto

It complies with IP20 type of protection against solids greater than 12 mm form of protection (DIN 40050). It comes under safety class I as it has protective earthing. This provides protection against shock. It has an F against fire prevention classes.

Tel.:  015 25 76 68
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