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Artemide Nesso

Giancarlo Mattioli & Gruppo architetti urbanisti citta nuova is the designer of this world famous classic by Artemide. Nesso is the funny table lamp, that has been the showpiece in the Artemide collection since the 1960s. Artemide Nesso is more than just a table lamp, it is a legendary design in the world of lighting.

The mushroom shaped white or orange diffuser of Artemide Nesso, made of ABS resin, spreads diffused and direct light on the table. Artemide Nesso is a pleasant and lively element in a room. Nesso is a unique lighting fixture, a true showpiece for Artemide. Nesso is stylish in every environment.

Artemide Nesso is a “modern classic” lighting fixture, for functional lighting in a trendy design. Do as the world’s largest design museums and purchase Artemide Nesso. Buy Artemide Nesso here at the lowest price.

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