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Artemide Monroe Table Lamp

The use of conventional lamps is reducing each day. Different types of table lamp are available these days. These are all in different artistic designs. They enhance the reading experience. Along with helping you in reading effectively, these also enhance the appeal of the decoration. Artemide Monroe is one such table lamp. It adds a showy and splendid look to the interiors.

Design Specifications of the Product

The design of this fashionable and elegant light was done by Ora Ito. This is an alluring table lamp. This has provision for rotating the lamp. It allows you to rotate it to 360 degrees. This helps you in concentrating the light to any given area. This makes it the best choice for reading.

Other Imperative Information about the Product

Two clips are available at the base of the lamp. This allows rotation of up to 360 degrees. This allows multiple orientations of the light. The base and the structure are in steel. This makes it strong and durable. The surface has paint. The diffuser is in aluminized glass fiber. Color of the structure is anthracite grey. The diffuser is in light grey color. Diffused light emission takes place from the diffuser. The depth ranges from 520 mm to 770 mm. the diameter of the lamp is 250 mm. Its height is 510 mm. the radius of action is approximately 770 mm. the diameter of head of lamp is 250 mm. it uses a standard light bulb for illumination purpose. It requires a housing of DE27. It uses a single fitting of incandescent max. It consumes 150 W of power.

Security and Protection Features of Artemide Monroe

It comes with IP20 protection against solids greater than 12 mm. It is a form of protection (DIN 40050). It comes under class II of protective isolation safety class. It has an F against fire prevention classes.

Tel.:  015 25 76 68
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