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Artemide Megan

Megan is a collection of three types of lamps. It is one of the quite commonly used collection. So they have proven themselves worthy through the years. These lamps are something more than just ordinary light inside a room or in business establishments. The leading benefit of Artemide Megan is that it introduces a special ambiance to the surrounding places. The size of a Megan permits you to light an entire room if it is important. 

Design Specifications of Megan

The designer of these three beautiful lights is Ernesto Gismondi. The bulb of almost every Megan is adjustable and that is why it is quite simple for you to set it to have accent or reading light especially during night. A Megan generally projects light up side. It introduces tasteful shadows to the room. 

Important Information about the Products

The Megan suspension is single pendant having both direct and indirect lighting. It uses four 55 W power sources. These are tc-I fluorescent lamps. Its steel body is micro-perforated. It has a white or grey paint finish. The diffuser is of opaline polycarbonate, all these features also apply to the floor lamp. It also has an optional protective screen. It comes with a ceiling plate and adjustable suspension rod. The rod contains power cable.  You can buy the Megan as a wall light or a pendant light. The best feature of the wall lamp is that it has a day light sensor and a movement detector. This combination helps in forming auto-regulation concerning the people and daylight variations.

Safety Features Of Megan

All the three lights come with IP20 type of protection against solids that are greater than 12 mm. The suspension and floor lights have additional features. They come under safety class I as they both have protective earthing. Both stand an F against fire prevention classes. Both comply with EN 60598 and ENEC standards and come with their inspection seal.

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