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Artemide Logico Micro – Available In Ceiling, Wall, Suspension And Table Model

Adding a beautiful light to the interior multiplies its appeal. A beautiful product not only enhances the furniture and other items it falls on, but also adds to the aesthetic appeal itself. If you are looking for a distinctive, creative and artistic light, Artemide Logico Micro is the best choice. It has a mesmerizing design. It wins many hearts with its show stopping look.

Design Specifications Of The Product

This design is a creation of two ace designer’s hard work. These designers are Michele de Lucchi and Gerhard Reichert. It is an astonishing pendant lamp, ceiling light, table lamp and wall light. Diffused light comes out beautifully from the diffuser with the pendant version and spreads evenly around it. The shape of the blown glass is absorbing. This glass diffuser is available in different versions and shapes. This allows composition of numerous light shapes.

Other Specifications Of Logico Micro

The diffuser is of blown glass. Artemide Logico Micro suspension has a polished-silk finish. It gives it a matt finish. The unique finish comes from unique combination of glass finishing methods. A diamond-edged blade cuts the lower edge of the diffuser. It has a painted metal structure. The emission of the light is direct and diffused light. Its color is white and aluminum grey. It is available in two different widths. These are 490 mm and 830 mm. its depth is 180 mm and the pendant length is 2000 mm. the depth of the luminaire head is also 180 mm. the height of the head of lamp is 170 mm. It uses a standard light bulb. All these bulbs consume 60 W of power.

Security and Preventive Features Of  The Product

It complies with IP20 type of protection against solids greater than 12 mm form of protection (DIN 40050). It comes under safety class I as it has protective earthing. It has an F against fire prevention classes. It comes with an inspection seal of ENEC.

Tel.:  015 25 76 68
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