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Artemide Cadmo Floor Lamp

If you are looking for unique lighting for your new home, Artemide Cadmo models are best for you. The Cadmo models are floor lamps. The unique design and finishing of these models make it suitable for almost all types of home interiors and styles. A lot of people buy these lamps and install at their homes these days. Here you will find some basic information on all these models. Karim Rashid is the designer of these light models.

Additional Info On Cadmo:

This Cadmo floor lamp models has a steel panel screen. It produces soft indirect lighting upwards along with vertical diffused lighting. It has a combination of different halogen light sources for diffused and indirect emissions. The company provides separate switches for both the lighting options. It is a painted steel body lamp, which has a cover base of painted inox-steel. There are two color combinations of Artemide Cadmo floor lamp models such as white/white or black/white.

Artemide Cadmo Rot:

Even this is a floor lamp model of Artemide. It releases soft indirect lighting. It also has a vertical aperture to produce lighting. Although most of the specifications of the lamp are similar to other floor lamp models, the color combination is quite different. It comes with a red/white pattern..

Dimensions Of The Lamps:

The diameter of the lamp is 130mm, whereas the height is 540 mm. It belongs to the fire prevention class F and has class I safety features.

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