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Artemide Cabildo

If you want to buy some modern lighting for your home, Artemide will provide you the best. The company offers many unique and contemporary designs for the customers. The Artemide Cabildo models also belong in the same category. The company offers three versions of the models that include the suspension, floor and wall versions. Eric Sole is the designer of these amazing lamp models. Here you will find information on all these three models.

Cabildo Suspension:

The Cabildo Pendant lamp models has a indirect light shaped body. The design of the lamps give an astonishing appearance and winding from ring of the light. The company uses feed cables as the suspension cables of the lamp. The lamp model is available only in one basic color, which is white. It produces an indirect diffused lighting.

Cabildo Floor Lamp:

Floor lamp model of Artemide Cabildo is the matching version of suspension and wall versions. It has the same design and color combination of other two models. It has a steel base and stem. Even the floor lamp model produces the indirect diffused lighting.

Cabildo Wall:

The Artemide Cabildo wall lamp comes in two light versions such as metal halide and halogen. Like other two models, even the wall lamp comes with an indirect light shape. The light also has a wall support that will help you in install it easily. It produces a white light emission that looks simple yet elegant in any room décor.
The width of the lamp is 410 mm, whereas the depth is 230 mm and width of the luminarie head is 410 mm. It belongs to the safety class I and fire prevention class F.

Tel.:  015 25 76 68
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