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Altrove Lamps

People are very choosy about the interior decors and lighting they install in their dream homes. Artemide has introduced a unique lamp model named Altrove. This lamp design will bewilder your thoughts and brighten your decor. The geometrical and classy design of the lamp will brighten up your living room or your commercial place. This is also a very unique way to give a posh look to your interiors. The light will flows through the transparent wires.

The Illusion of the Lights

The mirror reflector gives a superb effect that you can control. The light is only about a cubic meter and is reflected everywhere. The light is freely modulating and the effect reflects. There are three versions of the model named opening light, volumetric light and the fluid light. The Artemide Altrove pendant lights give an illusion that drives you into a positive thinking area. The perimeter of this lamp model is of aluminum, whereas the side diffusers are of opaline methacrylate. The engraved structure is made of methacrylate.

Designer collection Altrove

Altrove, which belongs to the designer collection of Artemide is absolutely a new design concept. You can use the light model on walls or ceiling. It has a thin meshwork that adds the beauty of the light. Carlotta de Bevilacqua designed this light for Artemide. The mesh is of hairpin transparent wires in which the light flows. The light looks like a gauzy mesh illuminated with light. This designer collection will look good on any wall background..

Altrove Is Captivating

If you install this light, you can improve the interior décor look up to a great extend. The openings along the sides of the perimeter have a wall washer that you can sue for attaching the lamp to the wall. The Altrove model is very classy and stylish in its looks. They look unique if you install on the light colored walls. The lit up Altrove will surely captivate the looks of the visitors.  The wall is the best place to hang this light to give a posh look.

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