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Artemide - The Human Light

Light, Design and Made in Italy

Lighting adapted to your needs and your mood?

The basic principle of Artemide design lighting is human need. The Italian brand of lighting wants to enhance the quality of life with lighting design based on man and his well-being. Born from experience, intuition and research Artemide fixtures are always adjusted to individual and universal needs. Next to the normal Artemide design range, Artemide also offers a range of architectural lighting under the name Artemide Architectural.

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Innovative lighting by Artemide, adjusted to your needs.

Looking for innovation, not for innovation’s sake but out of necessity?

Artemide studies people’s most widespread desires for lighting. Based on these desires Artemide comes up with perfect lighting to satisfy users’ needs.

Flexibility and adaptability are the major trump cards of Artemide. On top of that Artemide works as environment-friendly as possible, in production, choice of materials and light source.

Feel good with Artemide lighting. In the product range of Artemide at dmLights you’ll find that perfect lighting you were looking for but weren’t quite sure it existed.

Artemide at dmLights.

The most renowned products of Artemide are Tizio and Tolomeo. Buy these and other Artemide products at the lowest price from dmLights.

Look at the wide range of Artemide lighting below. Order Artemide fast, safe and easy online at dmLights. 
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